Planning Business Ideas in Helsinki in January 21-27, 2018

In our first workshop in Helsinki student groups from Spain, Holland and Finland started to plan their business ideas with the help of teacher coaches and company advisors.

What a inspiring week!

First workshop in Helsinki in January 21-27, 2018, Vantaa/Helsinki, Finland

DAY1 Sunday 21st of January 2018
Arrival of participants

DAY2 Monday 22nd of January 2018
9.00‐ 10.00 Get together and get to know each other (in MERCURIA)
10.00‐11.30 General idea of the project
12.30‐ 16.00 City orienteering (in Helsinki)
16.00 ‐ Evening program (Includes sauna and swimming)

DAY 3 Tuesday 23rd of January 2018
9.00‐ 19.00 Creating business model with JA Finland 12h (in MERCURIA)
Young Talents Coach Academy for the teachers 

DAY 4 Wednesday 24th of January 2018
10.00‐15 Partner company visits in Helsinki region
(Students will be divided into four groups/each group will visit two companies. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. In total 8 companies to be visited by
Task: In the companies students get support/ideas to their business model canvas or to some parts of the canvas. Make a small presentation of the company to
GROUP 1: Arkkitehtitoimisto Juhani Aalto Oy, Käinby 1925
GROUP 2: Dream Cozy, Coruya
GROUP 3: Hali, Globe Hope
GROUP 4: VIMMA Company, Fasetti

DAY 5 Thursday 25th of January 2018
9.00‐ 12.00 Working on the business idea and making a presentation of the idea
13.00‐15.00 Presentations (peer review by other students)
15.00‐18.00 Completing the business ideas

DAY 6 Friday 26th of January 2018
9.00‐10.00 Working on the business ideas/presentations based on the feedback from Thursday
10.00‐12.00 Presentations to partner company representatives to get feedback
13.00‐15.00 Feedback from workshop 1. and what’s next and what’s our new logo?
15.00‐18.00 Final challenge! Goodbye party in MERCURIA and afterwards eveningactivities with Finnish students.

DAY7 Saturday 27th of January 2018
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