U·Roll is an accessory to charge the mobile phone and roll the earphones. We are a Spanish group of eight entrepreneurs who started this project on January 2018 in Finland. Our main motivation is to create our own worldwide wellknown brand making a revolution in the accessorizes world with our U∙Roll. We want to offer […]


The product Our product is a backpack with multiple functions and is easy to carry with you. Reluxe has the functionality of a backpack and the comfort of a chair. Meet the team! Our Dutch team consists of students from different kind of studies: 4 furniture students from Alfa College and 4 business students from […]


Our line of bags is inspired by nature & urban city, and the products are designed and handmade in Finland. With our design we want to offer our customers Scandinavian timeless style, uniqueness and quality. This is our statement for modern fashion. Our team consists of students from various lines of study: 3 artisan students […]


Is the business idea of the 4th brand focusing on concrete product or service? We will see in autumn 2018!