The story behind the Hook is practical. ​We live so far of our schools and use public transport. In Barcelona there are a lot of people moving during all day and we haven’t got enough space to look inside our bags. ​This is the reason to made the Hook – two product in one.​. You can keep all your personal belongings under control and […]


Kaamos Finland was born in northern Finland at the time clipse, when the sun doesn´t rise from horizon. The polar night lasts about 51 days and it feels like you´re living in a everlasting darkness. Thats why we have wanted to create new kinds of recflectors, that are also trendy and stylish. Our jewerlys are […]


Where it all started was in Dubai when two of our team members were enjoying their holiday in Dubai.  On a sunny day, we decided to go to the beach. We put our important stuff like wallet and our room keys beneath the blanket. After a plunge in the see, we decided to go back […]


U·Roll is an accessory to charge the mobile phone and roll the earphones. We are a Spanish group of eight entrepreneurs who started this project on January 2018 in Finland. Our main motivation is to create our own worldwide wellknown brand making a revolution in the accessorizes world with our U∙Roll. We want to offer […]